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The Joys of Loving Two Men


I recently sat down to talk to one of my characters from Incubus Makes Three. I had hoped to gain some insight for a blog article to be posted to Layne Macadam’s blog and wow. She certainly got me thinking of alternative lifestyles.

Hello. My name is Shari Worth and I am in a menage relationship.

Me: Hi Shari. Tell me more about that. *leaning in pencil to paper.*

Shari: I never thought I’d be doing this kind of thing. It’s not that I was a prude before but, two hot guys?

Me: You got my attention now. Two men? *Fanning heated face wildly.*

Shari: Really, two men but one is more than just a man. I’d wanted Gabriel for years but never had the guts to make a move. The one relationship I’d had prior was pretty lackluster. Then an Incubus seduced me and sex became something addicting, delicious. I couldn’t get enough. He was the one that brought Gabriel into our bed and now none of us want to ever get out.

Me: Sounds umm, wow. *Crossing legs.*

Shari: It is now but things were a bit tense in the early days what with Dorian having to handle complications in the demon realm and risk the soul he’d coveted for so long. It was so worth it though — the way those two own my body and each others, it’s mystical every time.

Me: That does seem a bit tricky. What else can you tell me. *Voice cracking. Wiping perspiration from my forehead.*

Shari: There is so much more but I’ve got to go. The three of us have special plans and I still need to pick up the cable ties.

Me: But…



[Ménage and More: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, incubus, HFN]

Dorian Black is a nine-hundred-year-old Incubus born of a Master Demon father and a mortal mother. As a spawn of the demon realm he is immortal and without a soul. He longs to earn a soul and gain his mortality in hopes of being visible to God and eventually reuniting with his mother in heaven.

The demon masters use incubi to suck out the darkness that hides within some human souls. Dorian’s work through the last millennia has been to seduce mortals and pull this darkness from them, transporting it to his masters. Once he provides enough of this human nectar he will be rewarded with a soul from the well of souls.

Dorian has been busy seducing and being seduced by local Florida con artist Gabriel. Unfortunately, he is becoming attached to the attractive grifter. He’s supposed to be sucking an entire soul from him, thereby killing the sexy young man. Meanwhile, he becomes mesmerized by the purity of Shari Worth, local veterinary assistant and do-gooder. He courts her in hopes of both distracting him from his growing feelings toward Gabriel and finding the chink in her selfless decency.

Matters quickly grow complicated in the spirit of a Shakespearean farce. Dorian discovers Shari and Gabriel are step-siblings that share a secret and forbidden love. As his feelings for both mortals grow he must decide whether to hand over Gabriel’s life in exchange for his new soul or sacrifice his long held goal to save the hearts of two humans he no longer wants to be without.

Tiffany Dawn also writes under the pen name TD Hassett.

Visit her at Naughty and Nice Romance