Guest Blog: TD Hassett

I had a great time at Allie Ritch’s blog site talking about how I got my inspiration for the character of Thomas in Isabel’s Awakening. Stop by.

Allie Ritch, author

Please welcome author TD Hassett, who is here to share her book, Isabel’s Awakening. Take it away, TD.


TD Hassett: I wanted to write a classic fairy tale but my daydreams of rock stars in hot leather pants dripping with tattoos and piercings kept distracting me. After about two weeks I gave in and started writing a sweet and naughty story. My hero was an easy character — I just merged a young version of Jon Bon Jovi with a young version of Sting and voila, Thomas Becket flashed across the page.

But who to pair him with? What woman would be able to break through his defenses and steal his heart? After a lot of post it notes and glasses of wine the image of bookish Isabel Warren appeared. She was shy and studious but not a doormat. She wanted to see the world and grab opportunities as…

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