Sotia Lazu Talks Wet Sex and a Giveaway

Welcome to fellow romance author Sotia Lazu. She has a great giveaway below and a steamy M/F/M scene to share from a work in progress.

Hi, and thank you so much for having me and The Tenant over today!

So you asked for a post about sex in water, and that’s what you’ll get. Sort of.



The Tenant has several steamy sex scenes, if I say so myself (and how can you agree or disagree unless you read it? 😉 ) What it doesn’t have is a sex in water scene. I wanted to have Derek take Amanda in the shower, but I’ve already written that in Cherry Stem, and then there’s this little thing that Amanda’s best friend, Becca wakes up to in her own book, coming next summer. Warning: it’s not safe for work.


Becca woke up feeling pleasantly sore and sated.

She stretched languidly in all directions, expecting to feel the bodies of her lovers on either side, and was surprised to find no one in bed with her.


She hadn’t expected her boys to be able to stand, after the previous night, let alone walk out of the room.


The sound of running water reached her ears. Shower. That was a good idea. She briefly wondered if she’d find Colin on Brad in the bathroom. The two avoided being naked together when she didn’t act as a buffer between them. It was odd after what they shared—her, namely—on an almost nightly basis. She’d joked about the two of them pleasing each other while she watched, and had seen the longing in Colin’s gaze when Brad wasn’t looking. Earlier in their relationship, Brad had drunkenly confessed that if he ever “did a dude,” it’d be his best friend, but had remained silent while Colin gave all sorts of excuses as to why it wouldn’t be the best of ideas for them to be together without her.


Which showed he’d considered the idea.


Becca would have to figure a way to get them to open up about it. But first, she’d hop in the shower with whoever cared to keep her company.

She jumped out of bed and all but skipped to the bathroom, mindless of how her naked feet slid on the marble floor. Her momentum almost brought her head-first through the bathroom door, as she skidded to a halt at the sight before her.

Colin was fucking Brad.

Colin was fucking Brad, and they both seemed to love it. Of course there was nothing not to love from where she stood.

Hard, muscled bodies pushed against each other, muscles flexing and rippling. Large palms gripped shoulders, hips, trying for purchase on wet flesh or the wall against which Brad now leaned, eyes closed as he pushed back, meeting every one of Colin’s thrusts.

She cautiously moved a little to the side from her standpoint behind the two, absorbing every detail of their coupling. The room grew hotter and hotter with her rising desire for the two men.

Colin’s face was pinched in concentration, his movements measured, as though he was afraid to hurt his best friend. No. As if he was afraid Brad would change his mind and leave. He wouldn’t worry, if he could see the silent ‘O’ Brad’s lips formed every time the long, thick cock disappeared fully inside him.


Becca knew how that felt; she’d had Colin inside her hours earlied and could still feel the double pounding her beautiful boys had given her.




Soap suds and water didn’t mask the beautiful contrast of Colin’s pale skin against Brad’s tanned one. Their wet hair clinging to their faces made that contrast even starker. Steam rose around them, giving them halos, but she knew they were no angels. She wouldn’t want them so much if they were.


But Becca and her boys are another story—or three. 😉


The Tenant by Sotia Lazu



In hopes of getting her fiancé to consummate their relationship before the wedding, Amanda convinces him they should check out the apartment her father gave her as a gift for their upcoming nuptials. Darkness and privacy are supposed to work in her favor, but there is one parameter she doesn’t know about: the apartment is not empty yet, and the current tenant has no plans of moving.

Derek has had a hell of a few months. His girlfriend turned out to be a cheater and then stole his restaurant. He’s not about to also give up the place he’s called home for three years—even if his hot but infuriating landlady threatens to move in by the end of the week.

When her own lease is up, Amanda is forced to make good on her threat. As if life isn’t already hard enough, her tenant-turned-roommate is as sexy as he is annoying, and her fiancé is caught with a half-naked woman.

Now she and Derek need to find a way to survive their forced cohabitation. They soon discover sleeping with the enemy can be fun.




Hushed voices. There were people whispering inside his home, and—


Something crashed.


It might have been fury at whoever dared vandalize his home that drove his feet from bathroom to bedroom, naked as the day he was born. It could have been hope he’d finally get out some of his frustration that curled his fingers around the baseball bat lying beneath his bed and led him the rest of the distance to his living room in the pitch black.


Weighing the bat in one hand, he pressed the fingers of the other to the light switch he knew to be at his left, and took in the lit room.


A couple was making out on his floor. By his overturned table and his smashed lamp.


He scowled so hard his forehead hurt, but it was all he could do not to charge them and bash their heads in.


“What the fuck are you doing in my place?” he asked the kneeling hulk. He’d heard about people making out in parks, playgrounds, even cemeteries, but breaking into someone’s home to get some was unbelievable.


The small blonde lying on the floor sat upright, eyes blazing. “Your place? My father gave me this apartment!”


Her boyfriend simply blinked at him.


Was it Derek’s imagination, or was the blonde having a hard time looking him in the eye? He was tempted to mention his face was an entire torso—and then some—higher than what she was staring at, but his ego needed some stroking, so he let her take all of him in, while his mind caught up to what she’d just said.


“You’re Kenneth’s daughter?” he finally asked, the bat only slightly lowered. Alice’s sister. This one was shorter, and Alice dyed her hair dark brown these days, but Derek could see the resemblance.


She finally lifted her gaze to meet his, and her eyes were the same bright green as her sister’s. “You’re the guy who’s supposed to be gone?”


He could apologize and say he’d forgotten because of the rain of utter shit falling on him lately.


He could ask for a bit more time until he’d found a new place.


Or he could be an ass. Nobody else seemed to think twice about being an ass to him. “Hardly,” he said with a snort. “I’m supposed to be right where I am. You, on the other hand, are trespassing. Or is it breaking and entering?”


The young woman scrunched her nose, which was adorable in a snooty, bratty way. “No breaking. I’ve got a key.” She narrowed her eyes. “When Mason and I were first engaged, Dad said he asked you to move. That was three months ago.”


Mason. That was the silent brute’s name. “I remember no such thing, and” —he looked pointedly at the remains of his favorite lamp— “there has definitely been some breaking.”


Blondie bounced up and glared. Funny, but she was intimidating despite her small stature. Maybe that was why Mason stood back and let her handle things. “Dad bought the place for me, to begin with,” she said. “You knew when you first moved in that I was eventually going to be needing it.”


That was true. Derek had heard all about how this was one day going to be a wedding present for Kenneth’s oldest daughter—and what was her name, again?—though said daughter hadn’t even been dating back then. Kenneth said his daughter was picky and needed a man with serious backbone before she settled down.


Things had apparently changed.


Derek considered waving the bat to see if the big guy would flinch, but decided to be the bigger man—and wasn’t that ironic, when Mason had at least four inches on him? “Kenneth mentioned something, but he didn’t give me the sixty days notice he was supposed to.” Blondie opened her mouth, probably to repeat her father let him know three months ago. Now was time for the coup de grace, and Derek somehow knew he’d love watching her squirm. “As you know, the notice is supposed to be in writing or it doesn’t count,” he said.


And smirked.


And winked.


Mason grabbed Blondie’s shoulder, flexing his arm in the process. The look on his face indicated that Derek’s nudity might have offended him more than Derek’s intention to not vacate the premises for at least two more months. “Let’s go, Mandi.” Ah, that was her name. “We’ll talk to your father. He’ll know what to do.”


Her gaze said she knew what to do too, and it involved the painful insertion of the baseball bat in Derek’s most private orifice.


Derek’s smirk widened into a grin. “And now get out of here, before I have to call the police and report you for harassment on top of everything else.”


Mandi stared him down for a split second, but when Derek swung his bat in the air, her overly inflated toy boy all but dragged her out the door.


Derek propped his weapon on his shoulder, grabbed a bottle of scotch, and went to bed. He sensed his swagger had returned. Maybe that was because he’d actually felt he had balls, for the first time in days.


Odd way for his day to improve, but it had. He would give anything for another opportunity to bait Mandi Murphy. If he couldn’t torture the woman who’d hurt him, he’d torture the one who wanted to evict him. He had to be subtle about it, though. He didn’t want to make Kenneth mad at him.


About the Author

Sotia’s making do with Greek reality, while writing and mostly thinking in English.

She loves romances with a twist and urban fantasy novels, always with vivid erotic elements. Her favorite characters to write are not conventional hero-material at first glance, and she enjoys making them fight for their happiness.

 Sotia shares her life and living quarters with her husband, their son, and two rescue dogs, one of which may be part-pony. Sappy movies make her bawl like a baby, and she wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world.

 Also, she hates mornings!

Sotia’s books:
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Contact Sotia:


Or write to her at



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