Sweaty and Sexy? Sizzling Summer Nights Blog Hop

What more could we ask for than what is looking back at you from the left? Okay, winning that kindle fire would be sweet too!

I love summer – although this one has not been nearly as hot and sweaty as previous years. So, to solve the problem I had to get a little more salacious in my writing. My most recent release, Darling’s Desire, is a mix of mystery at the lake, murder, rock and roll angst and sizzling sex.  The reviews have been great and I hope some of you will give the book a read and a review. I am giving away one free copy but sure hope a few readers will pick up theirs from amazon:

Here is the blurb:  When world-famous drummer Ross Daniels agrees to spend the weekend at Darling Roberts’ lake house, he becomes a distraction she doesn’t need … her cursed house is distraction enough! A secluded lake house with a dark history … a rock star and a sheltered young woman … you’ll find all the passion and suspense you could wish for in T. D. Hassett’s hot new romance Darling’s Desire.

Darling Roberts is going back to the lake house her mother disappeared from thirteen years ago. She needs to decide to stay or sell. The locals believe the place cursed, but her best friend thinks it would be a blast to spend the weekend there before heading to Europe. BFF Madison is determined to set Darling up, even if that means dragging a recently widowed rock-and-roll drummer to the scene of a murder.

Ross Daniels has a secret. He can’t stand the pitying looks well-wishers have given him since his wife’s accidental death. The European leg of the Becket tour can’t come soon enough. A weekend stay at a mutual friend’s lake house seems like a decent way to kill a couple of days before hopping a plane, at least until he spends some time with temptation herself.

Passions ignite and Ross feels his heart beginning to beat again. Darling isn’t who he thought she was, and he can’t get enough of her sweet soul and lush curves. Darling is determined to take charge of her life, and the lake house is just the place to begin. Ross is a scrumptious distraction, but she knows she has to keep things in perspective. Why would a world-famous drummer want to hang out with her in a small town even the locals want her run out of?

19 thoughts on “Sweaty and Sexy? Sizzling Summer Nights Blog Hop

  1. Gayle O

    ooooh, this sounds interesting…I love romances with rock stars…I need to look for this book! Thanks for being in the Hop!


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