6 Paragraph Sneak Peak!
“Come here,” Thomas said.
He reached for her and pulled her over his lap and then grabbed the guitar back from its case. He positioned the guitar in her arms and organized her fingers on the strings. He had amazing patience because each time he set her fingers into position she would move them just out of place. At long last Thomas was happy with her hand placement, and he held her fingers onto certain strings over the frets and guided her right hand across the bridge strings.
They strummed the strings a few times, and he whispered into her ear, “You just played a chord.”
His breath warmed her ear, and he kissed the lobe gently. Isabel shifted around in his lap a little bit, and she was rewarded for her squirming with a little nip to the neck.
“Hmm, quit rubbing around like that or your music lesson will be over,” Thomas threatened.
Isabel was done with music lessons and wanted a biology lesson at that point. Please, please let the teacher say it’s time to change classes! Her inner girl predicted success.

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