The Hottest Excerpt Ever – “Isabel’s Awakening”

Excerpt from Isabel’s Awakening:

Making love with Thomas was never quite the same twice. She was sticky with sweat and out of breath, but he wasn’t done with her yet. It had been so late by the time the concert let out and then they’d had to attend a party for one of the local promoters after. It must have been two a.m. by the time they got back to the hotel. She had wanted to just collapse in bed, but Thomas could be very inspirational sometimes.

Thomas grabbed the strawberries and champagne that they received at check-in and escorted her to the bedroom. Once there, he unbuttoned her blouse and followed his progress with kisses and nips down her chest. He shushed her little squeals with a finger to her lips before tugging her jeans off her hips and sliding them down to the floor. Her panties and bra soon followed.

She knew he was up to something naughty just by the gleam in his eye, but when he asked her if she trusted him, she knew it would be the type of naughty she’d secretly love but deny to her dying day. He commandeered the ties from their hotel robes and started making quick slipknots with them over the bedposts. Thomas was in his Marquis de Sade mode tonight. He lowered her to the bed with a bruising kiss and guided her wrists into the loops of the bathrobe ties. Once he had her secured to his liking, he placed an airline-style sleep mask over her eyes. Just the thoughts going through her mind left her soaked and panting.

She imagined what she must look like, tied up, naked, blindfolded, and splayed across a hotel bed with her streaky-haired lover crouched above. The thoughts made her womb clench. He fed her a succulent strawberry, and then she heard the champagne cork fly, and a sip of the dry brut was fed to her from his cool lips. She tried to keep his mouth near hers by reaching her tongue out, but de Sade apparently had other plans and pulled away too soon. She felt him pour a bit of the champagne into her belly button, and she kept still, waiting and wondering where he’d touch next. She tried to comply with his order not to wiggle, but the warmth of his lips on her navel proved too distracting, and she shivered.

She felt something cool and wet with little seeds being rubbed against her swollen nipples, and she knew it was a bitten strawberry caressing her. Her insides tightened up, waiting for attention, and de Sade soon delivered. He slid pieces of strawberries up and down her labia, sliding some in between her slickening folds, and then a large uncut strawberry was held against her lips for her to try and taste. She stuck her tongue out, wanting to grab at the fruit, but after a few shallow licks, the berry was taken away and then slowly inserted into her slit. She was shaking at the thought of Thomas taking it out of her, but she squeezed her inner muscles and felt its juices slipping out and down between her thighs. Sade growled his appreciation for his creation and rewarded her with a deep kiss, rubbing his tongue against hers and nipping at her bottom lip when he’d had enough. She cried out in frustration that she could no longer taste him. The sound of another bottle, lotion perhaps, and liquid being expelled distracted her.

“Thomas, what are you up to?” she asked breathlessly.

“I’m going to fill you all up, luv,” he responded.

She felt his fingers pushing that strawberry deeper into her, pressing on another sliced piece that rested over her clitoris, and then he slipped a moistened finger into her …..


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